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6 juuni, 2013

Dear hosts and practitioners all around the world!

YOU are invited to take part in Learning Journey on Participatory Leadership – WISE LEADERSHIP IN PRACTICE – , hosted in Southern Estonia (22-25th of August). Since 2009 a small community of practitioners have slowly emerged in Estonia practicing hosting conversations in a meaningful way.

These four days will be co-created learning and training space to deepen our practice as wise leaders, social activists and movement makers.

There are 3 reasons I am personally touched while making this gathering happen:

1. WISE PRACTITIONERS: in addition to Estonian practitioners – Ivika, Robert, Kristiina – an international team of Chris, Anne, James and Luke will join the hosting team. Each of them brings their skills and talents, stories and wise questions in order to support our learning.

2. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE: you might be one of those thinking that „I already have the tools and methods: what else…?” Be ready to be surprised. Last year while experiencing learning in open space for almost a week I only realised the true potential and power of this method. Challenge yourself to look deeper …

3. WISDOM CIRCLE: in addition to wonderful hosting team, the participants will bring their wisdom. One of the participants once shared how he hesitated to take part in a three day art of hosting training „as I am too busy too participate”. He still came and used all this time to work on his current projects and questions. With the help of other participants he had more plans made that otherwise would have taken weeks. So bring your personal projects on the table…

And there is actually one more reason. Sänna Cultural Manor is a story of a young family, who dear to dream big and make things happen. This autumn they plan to open a community school – The Village School of Inventers. I am sure that you may find your inspiration exactly from this part of Estonia.

Please check out the website for more information.

Looking forward to see you in Estonia, a country of wild nature, wise people and thousands of singers and dancers.

Piret Jeedas

Art of Hosting Practitioner

The journey is funded by NGO Fund of the EEA Grants, intermediated by Open Estonia Foundation.

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